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Stewardship & Mission Support
Encouraging and facilitating faithful stewardship


"Stewardship is everything we do after we say I believe.'"

This quote of Clarence Stoughton sets forth the primary basis of our stewardship work here in the Northeastern Iowa Synod. The reality is that once one becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ, stewardship is not an option. 

Our goal is to support and strengthen congregations and leaders in their life of discipleship, which includes stewardship. Godís generosity of grace and mercy invites us into a living response of joyous generosity in all facets our lives. Stewardship is all about relationship - our relationship with God, our relationship with each other.





  • The church in all its expressions and the church's role in leading us to worship and to serve the one true God in the face of society's faith in money

  • The gifts of time, talent, and money as actions of worshipping and serving God.

  • The giftedness that God gives us and that we use.

We support the Northeastern Iowa Synod to be a model of faithful stewards with the gifts they have been given.



  • Plan and manage Project Macedonia for the synod for the next two years.

  • Brainstorm for synodical stewardship consultation.

  • Review current congregational stewardship resources.


Synod Council Liaison
Connie Johnson

Synod Staff

Rev. Mark Anderson


ďAs each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace.Ē 
(1 Peter 4:10)


2014 Statement of Intent PDF Format

Mission Support Strategy PDF Format

What Happens to My Dollar PDF Format
Bulletin insert about what congregational Mission Support does within the synod and around the world.



These biannual publications feature the ministries of the Northeastern Iowa Synod and how congregations and individuals can support them.

Making a Difference Archives



The ELCA offers numerous stewardship resources that congregations can use in worship services, devotions, newsletters, and more. Resources include the "Stewardship Now" on-line newsletter, "Sermon Starters," a planning guide, stories of faith, and other free downloads.

ELCA Stewardship Resources


Congregational Consultations
Rev. Mark Anderson, assistant to the Bishop, is available to consult with congregations about their stewardship programs and to serve as a guest preacher.

Read his "Money in the Plate" articles every Tuesday at the Northeastern Iowa Synod's blog, God's Work, Our Blog.

Contact Mark at 319-352-1414 or send an email.




Stewardship Articles
PDF Format

Stewardship articles featured in the Northeastern Iowa Synod's Star newsletter may be downloaded below and reprinted for use in synod congregations and organizations, with credit to the Star newsletter.



January -- Teach children about stewardship
February -- What is a church budget?





January -- The Gift of You

January -- Behold, I Make All Things New

February -- Ashes, ashes we all... are forgiven

February -- Stewards of the Word

March -- The Four Bases of Stewardship

March -- Not Stewardship

May -- April showers bring May flowers

April -- More/Enough

June -- First Fruits

May -- Now the Green Blade Rises

July/August -- The What? Yes, the Tithe!

June -- God is great and good

September -- Congregations can be joyful
                    stewards of all God's gifts
July/August -- Widow of Faith
October -- Rediscover Macedonia July/August -- Stewardship embodies
                      giving from the heart

November -- Noisy offerings make gift giving

September -- Stewardship Principles
December -- Synod set to receive Macedonia
                   Project grant
October -- Blessed is the ordinary
  November -- Look at money from God's
  December -- The Gifts of God




January -- The Promise of 2011 June -- A Giving God Invites Us to be a
           Responsive People
March -- We Are Marching in the Light of God July/August -- Selfless Gifts Reflect
                     God's Own Generosity 
April -- Irresistible Force meets Immovable
September -- Mission Support: Together
                   We Make Mission Happen 
May -- Basic Principles of Personal
October -- Let's Talk Tithe!
June -- Where Does Corn Come From? November -- Faith and Thanksgiving

July-August -- God Shapes Our Lives by
                     What We Give

December -- Advent Anticipation

September -- The Language of Gratitude  
October -- Celebrate God's Presence with Us  
November -- Random Acts of Grace  
December -- He Came Down  


Stewardship Bible Studies

The following Bible Studies offer a Bible verse, related message and discussion questions, all themed around stewardship and mission. These resources can be reprinted for use in Bible studies, church council meetings, stewardship committee projects, Stewardship Sunday education, and more.

God's Amazing Trust PDF Format
The Widow of Faith PDF Format
God's Generosity PDF Format

An Expression of Faith PDF Format
Prodigal Son/Prodigal Father PDF Format
A Jesus Encounter PDF Format
Genuine Love PDF Format
Faithful Stewards of Abundance PDF Format
A Matter of Heart PDF Format


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