Liturgical Seasons



Lent & Easter

You’ll find dozens of ideas, experiences and resources for teaching about and celebrating Lent and Easter. Many of the ideas come from youth leaders of Northeastern Iowa ELCA churches:

  • Lent Curriculum for Middle/High School
  • Lenten Fair
  • Christian Education Sunday
  • Last Supper Rotation
  • Holy Week Decorations


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25 Christmas Traditions

Christmas Kindness Paper Chain

Sunday School Christmas Program


Kites for Pentecost
A family worship service, activity and litany that uses kites as symbols of Pentecost soaring skyward.

Celebrating Pentecost Sunday




Family Advent Activities

2018 Advent Calendar
Features family activities for each day. 

Advent Adventure Scrolls
This template can be printed and cut into four scrolls to unroll each week. Each scroll contains a family adventure for serving others and sharing blessing.

Advent Action Cards
As a family, choose one card per week to complete as a way to help share God’s love.

photo 1Advent Countdown Ornaments
Cut out this set of 24 ornaments that contain a Bible verse on one side and a fun family activity on the other side. Display them in the home to help build anticipation for the coming of Jesus’ birth.

Advent Paper Chain
Print on colored or decorated paper. Cut into strips and make a paper chain. Each day you will read the scripture and do the family activity together.

Advent Fair — Jesse Tree
As part of an Advent Fair, children can create their own Jesse Trees to represent Jesus’ family tree. The name is taken from Isaiah 11:1, in which Jesus is referred to as a shoot coming up from the “stump of Jesse,” the father of David. Ornaments on the Jesse tree tell of Jesus’ ancestors and of the events leading to Jesus’ birth. Traditionally, an ornament is placed on the tree for each day in Advent. The ‘tree can be a branch, mobile, or a banner.
Advent Fair-Jesse Tree Instructions
Jesse Tree Handout for Families